Nigerian forum: Literature - The Best Piece Of Advise I Ever Received
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4 Jan 2016 08:01

Once in someone's life time, another makes such a huge impression that it lasts a whole life literally speaking.

Such was the case of my Primary School Head Master, Mr. P. O. Obi-Obasi of blessed memory.

I had just finished Class 5 and written the almighty West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), came back to the house to wait out the result.

One morning I strolled down to the Primary School to greet my former Teachers and ran into him. He remembered me of course because he was my Father's good friend and as then I didn't even know that we are from the same Community.

So he inquired after what I was doing then and I gave him the information that I had just written the WASCE. He effusively congratulated me and led me into his office, asked me to take a seat and proceeded to say those words to me that were kind of a breakthrough message.

He said to me

"Young man, now that you are through with your Secondary Education; it is important that you don't sit down and while away your time as your peers are wont to do; I would tell you what an American President said to his people in the heat of the recessions

Continue reading here to know what he told me and what I did with it


4 Jan 2016 15:18

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4 Jan 2016 18:00

Y cldnt u finish d story instead of linking it up?