Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Why do ladies post advert on mobofree when they are not ready to give response to any guy???
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3 Jan 2016 16:45

I asked this because I've come to realize that many ladies will post ads on mobofree that they need a guy for love relationship but when you aproach them they will never give you any response. Funny enough you will see these same ladies repeating the ads. So ladies,why do you post such ads when you know you will not respond???

4 Jan 2016 10:56

How are you sure that they are ladies? l doubt their true identity my dear. I once posted a topic here in which l highlighted how a man whom l splashed water on his body with my vehicle stole my android phone when he knelt down and held my trouser thanking me for giving him money along the Gashua/Jajimaji/Nguru express road in Yobe state.And a lady wrote that the story cannot be true.And l wrote a text to her inbox asking her why she said that the story is not true.she said that this is a social media and as such people do write and say anything they like.I told her that at my age & status in life,it will be a disgrace to my culture to tell lies. But her words had taught me a lesson that many things and words you see and hear on the social medias are not real, so we have to becareful. There are lot of fakes and liars. This is another reason why my opinions are in most cases differ from other people's opinions because l know for sure that they will not do what they are saying in the social media in the physical.

4 Jan 2016 11:04

Ladies like showing themself in a different perspective way while it is all about beauty palava .

4 Jan 2016 12:27

That proves what ladies really are decitful species of human and beautiful Liars

4 Jan 2016 15:05

my dear i tire oooo all they are seeking is not true relationship but a mugu that will be sending them recharge cards and transport from school back home because they are stranded.

4 Jan 2016 17:29

point of correction gentle men, i expected u to say sum ladies not all pls.

4 Jan 2016 18:05

Don't mind them

4 Jan 2016 19:43
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4 Jan 2016 19:47

when 99per cent of guys here ave turn ladies on mobofree to unless one nko? As 4 me, i did nt post any ad. Still some will send u messg, when u refused to responed, dey call u names. So, as 4 me, i only ans d ones i which to ans. Dat is it.

4 Jan 2016 19:49

True talk

4 Jan 2016 19:59
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4 Jan 2016 22:37

all d same,it's not easy to be a girl

4 Jan 2016 23:09


4 Jan 2016 23:12

Gladden, are u a guy? Why do u feel they had not been responding.

4 Jan 2016 23:16

just to make money

4 Jan 2016 23:19

is true

5 Jan 2016 06:23

Guys the truth is this 99.9% of ladies here are in relationship, they just want to cheat on their man. It's rare to see ladies who are not in relationship, you will see some in their profiles they have a thousand friends nd still single,can you believe that bullshit, see the world we are leaving in, is the world of creed. We never appreciate what we have, nd i wonder why ladies can't stick to one guy, and to we guys many of us can't control our sexual life, anything under the skit make many of us go crazy. I tell you this i leave my girlfriend because she sleeps around, she can't claim she love me then love two other guys,to me that's bullshit. I don't need to bear some things in fucking or sex relationship,marriage is only union that need bearing things because of vow, for better for worse. Hmmm may God have mercy on our souls.

5 Jan 2016 06:36

ladies here are just peckish,dont blame them,but dey ar liars dts y u c some at d age of 39 stil searching,

5 Jan 2016 06:40

i wonder ooo my broda

5 Jan 2016 11:08

dnt choice nd so guyx take girl 4 granted due 2 der meetin online,asin some guy do think am nt d only person dat saw d post,she would have meet many guyx here.i can't love her wit my heart.4 me i post bt dnt meet a better person.they ar nt my choice.even heartless 2 i dnt belive der i love online