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31 Dec 2015 03:43

What is between wife and girlfriend and bank

31 Dec 2015 16:11


31 Dec 2015 19:21

wife is a person dat is seting in d house,bank is place dat ar kinping money,girlfriend is

31 Dec 2015 23:57


1 Jan 2016 08:29

D tin btw dem is Money, ego, kudi, owo, igho.....dats wat dey ve in cmon..

1 Jan 2016 10:25

a wife is a companion while a bank is a place money and other valuables are kept. A girlfriend is someone that has a relationship or affair with an opposite sex.

1 Jan 2016 21:44

I suggest you REVIEW your TOPIC. Or,if I answer it as it typed; Wife,Girlfriend,Bank The word Girlfriend is Btwn.

2 Jan 2016 00:37

Wife is ones best companion,no matter what happen good wife always stay besides her husband.But for girlfriend,she cares less compare to the wife and they can't stay with you for a very long time.And also bank in this sense means a cash cow.

Edited by Olalekan1861 / 2 Jan 2016 00:38
2 Jan 2016 00:39

U knw it bro

2 Jan 2016 00:40

cash cow means where we generate money.

2 Jan 2016 12:40

What Is Btw Them Is Money

2 Jan 2016 16:34


2 Jan 2016 17:10


2 Jan 2016 17:17

A wife generates children for you and also takes care of them for you to bear your name in future as far money dey flow! A bank helps to keep your money for you and some times generates little interests for you out of the millions they have used it to generate, & you should always count the bundle of cash paid you in the bank before leaving bcus nothing goes for nothing! A girlfriend is like generator which never disapoints when NEPA fails.she stays by you and gives you the best style of love to satisfy you as far money is flowing but she is never permanent becus she is a temporary partner. You buy wife with money in order for you to have children.A girlfriend to a bachelor is testing of garri b4 buying it.lf it is sweet he buys it if not sweet,she can go after testing.To the married,sorry,she is selling herself to the man secretly & there will be no pay off when company fold up. You cannot have any of the 3 if you don't have money! Money!! Money!!! Pls don't mind AGMS,he is just being funny bcus he is jobless 4 now,sorry l mean he is on his annual leave.

2 Jan 2016 18:12


3 Jan 2016 14:10

If is not money then it is nothing else

3 Jan 2016 15:57

Is money

3 Jan 2016 20:38

Right AGMS