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30 Dec 2015 11:14

Assuming you were just playing with your friend and he/she suddenly slumped and died and no body saw you people or you picked a lady to a chalet or your room to have fun or a guy picked you to his room or a chalet to have fun and one of you slumped and died,would you the survival report the matter to the police and tell your people the truth or you would secretly dump the corpse else where and keep mute?To convinced the world that it happened the way it did is like trying to sqeeze water out of the stone especially now when people always suspect ritual activities.

30 Dec 2015 16:29

there is notin bad in it cuz this life is soft buh pple dn take am hard and its affecting us in nigeria,because if somthing lyk those examples happened 2 sumone and d survivor went to d police station to report d case...ha he or she is in trouble because some fucking investigations that will b carried out can lead dat psn into trouble and can result to prison or killing d victim

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30 Dec 2015 16:37

Even if you don't want to lie, some will push to lie. I guess in any situation u found urself just suit yaself!

30 Dec 2015 16:51

I rather face d consequences than to tell lies as far as my hand is clean either he died secretly or openly in our society today if dis kind of case happen nobody wants to know either u do anythin bad to he/she bt once that both of u are together especially inner d room and it happened in dis way u must face it only what can make u tell lies is that may be u truely do somethin bad to he/she to make u cover up

30 Dec 2015 20:19

i will report to police. if i run away they would locat me

31 Dec 2015 00:47

but its very very possible to live without lies. Do you want to know what it takes?

31 Dec 2015 02:11

Depend on the situation, if it can save your skin at that particular point in time, then you can proceed with it

31 Dec 2015 10:55
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31 Dec 2015 10:56

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY'S BLESSINGS UPON YOU ALL MY FRIENDS IN THE NAME OF JEHESHUA CHRISTO.AMEN.Now to the topic.As for me if they ask me whether l know anything pertain the death of my friend,not that they are suspecting me,but being his best friend,l will deny knowing anything about the death because the type of society that we are today gives no room for the truth to excel. The police must surely suspect me of deliberately killing him and l may even be killed or jailed due to the pressure that the diseased people would put on the police to demand justice for their late son/daughter.After the burial l will pray to God to forgive me for not telling the truth due to what will be done to me if l should say the truth.After all, l actualy did not kill him/her.The truth will put an everlasting stigma of a ritualist or a murderer on me till death.That one of the chalet or my room,l will secretly disposed off the corpse if l can. Becus there is no way l can convinced the world that the incident happened the way it did and they will ever believe me. Hundreds of innocent people are languishing in various jails today due to this type of situations.many innocent ones have also met their death in similar situations.Christ says that we should always say the truth becus it will set us free but in our world today the truth never sets you free instead kills you or gives you everlasting sadness.sometimes you can save yourself with lies, l can't quote the chapters now due their length.see what king David did in tight situations:1st Samuel chapter 21 vs 1 to 3. 1st samuel 27, vs 8 to 9. 1st samuel 21,vs 11 to 14. Happy N/Y in adv All Mobofree friends.

31 Dec 2015 14:22

No thing forsure

31 Dec 2015 18:27

When u say the truth, no matter how difficult it is, people wil begin to admire you. The best outfit is attitude

31 Dec 2015 20:57

Hmmm...lie nd let it torment ur life for rest of ur days on earth or reveal d truth nd face d terrible consequency..for me, i just pray it doesn't happen. Api New Year Inadvance!!

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1 Jan 2016 02:57
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1 Jan 2016 02:59

I quite agree with those of you who said that it is only God that can save us from such situation and also may God prevent us from such situation because if you have been put into cell for a week before or awaiting trial let alone prison for only a year,you will be forced to blame yourself for saying the truth.infact you will say that you are the most foolish person on earth to have said the truth. Ask those who have been in prison before,they will tell you to use a double sewing machine to sew your lips should such a thing happened to you.Have you ever seen some one who was caught red handed in the act of a crime in Nigeria that have voluntarily agreed that he/she was the one who committed the crime let alone he/she who was not caught to come out voluntarily to accept his/her crime is a pipe dream. That is the reason why no matter the madness of a person,he/she will never enter in a river or fire deliberately because they knew what the outcome will be.

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1 Jan 2016 10:21

sometimes its necessary, depending on the situation. but we are to lôok at it biblically then lying is a sin and never be justified whether big or small.

1 Jan 2016 12:16

do the right thing at the right time

1 Jan 2016 14:18

Talking of the Holy Bible.Abraham is known in the Bible as the father of all nations and at the same time a friend of God.Now see what he did in a similar difficult situation by telling his wife sarah to lie that she was his sister and not his wife to save his life.Read Genesis chapter 12 verses 10 to 16 Happy New year..

1 Jan 2016 23:00

Pls dis is new year u people should learn how to say d truth no matter what bcos if u didnt nemensis ill soon got up wit