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27 Dec 2015 19:44

Love is like a mighty rock
That can crush wickedness.
It is the acid lava that melts away hatred,
Malice, envy and strife;
When it erupts in the heart like a volcano.
In the Holy Book God said
"Let your light so shine before men,
That they may see your good works..."
It is also good by saying
Let your love so show before men
That they may see your good heart.
If one says 'where there is life, there is hope'
Then one can better say
Where there is love, there is life;
Just as the love of God brings life
Through Jesus Christ.
If where there is a will, there is a way;
Then where there is love, there is a way;
Just as Jesus Christ is the only way to God.
Loving all and hating none
Will bring God and life to the hearts of men.
Love is one, just as God is one
Anywhere and everywhere:
In heaven, on earth and in the world to come.
So, give, show and share love
For just as life goes on,
Love goes on!

- Aghatise Efuyi-Fred

28 Dec 2015 09:23

Hello hey

28 Dec 2015 10:34