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23 Dec 2015 09:46

They fixed December 25th as a day to celeberate the birth of christ due to his selfless services to mankind and his obedience to GOD.Now this supposed righteous celeberation, to me has not achieved its aims.Evil forces have hijacked the celeberation to satisfy their selfish interests.For example,to some,it is a day or period that parents or lovers must satisfy the needs of their love ones whether they have or not.And so,many have gone to steal just to meet up with these demands as to maintain being the man of the house.A day of fire works which have set ablazed properties & brought many into permanent mourning instead of joy.A day of drunkness and the increase in deaths through road accidents.A day of mass fulfilment of adulteries and fonications.WOULD CHRIST BE HAPPY TO SEE ALL THESE SINS BEING COMMITTED ON THE GUISE OF CELEBERATING HIS BIRTH DAY?

23 Dec 2015 15:19

thats absolutely true i support u

23 Dec 2015 16:03


23 Dec 2015 17:51

Hnstly we need 2 sit down and pounder on ds matter bcs whts happening now is d fulfillment of d scriptures, shud we lost our soul bcs of earthly pleasures? D coming of Jesus Christ is very very near. I cnt afford 2 miss heaven, what about you.

23 Dec 2015 20:20

Well,this is the ending time on which the bible talked about. Xmas itself is been celebrated in a dffrnt way this days,cos then when xmas was xmas i remember even as a kid then,how it used to be....nowadays is just a name of xmas. May our lord have mercy on us in Jesus name. Amen

24 Dec 2015 20:14

the bible say bless are those who pure in hrt for the shall see god. if any individual is here to celebrate satan he wil receive frm satan becoz satan is at corner to deceive alot of majority of people who are passing by n if u don't b careful u ll se ur self in dat bending corner dat satan is stand individual hv to b careful n knw wht them are doing. we hv to use dis month on cleaniness way so dat we mind receive sme tin frm christ tank u sir.

24 Dec 2015 22:01

we hv to be careful. if u se nw tinz are taking place wars violence lovers of money most of the the tinz the bible say is taken place, nw look at the govt violence terrible happene day by day.

25 Dec 2015 15:39

If he's not happy about it, SANTA will be happy. Lol...

25 Dec 2015 20:38

Narrow is d way dat lead 2 heaven n wide is d way dat lead 2 hel fire God should help so dat we reach heaven.

25 Dec 2015 21:19

The answer to the question can be found in the following books: matthew,mark,Luke and John.Here we see christ himself saying to Pilate that his kingdom is not of this world or else his disciples would have fought and stopped his arrest.Christ never concerned himself with tradition of men hence,he warned his apostles against it.Even when he was told that his parents want to see him.Pointing to his disciples he said that his mother and father are those who do the will of his father in heaven.some one once said to him that bless are the breasts that he sucked but he said that bless are rather for those who hear the word of God and do the will of God.In the old testament,we see how God punished the children of lsrael for going to celebrations and feasting which were not ordained by God.From the account of Christ's deeds according to the four books mentioned above shows that Christ never came for feasting and the tradition of men but for the salvation of mankind hence he said that ''the birds of the air have nests to stay and the foxes have holes to stay but the son of man have no where to lay his head.'' He again said that we should not store our treasures here on earth where moths and thieves will destroy them but in heaven where they will be saved.from the account of Christ life on earth according to matthew,mark,Luke and John shows that he was never a man who was interested in any worldly celebrations but rather the things of above,i.e.the salvation of mankind.The account of Lazarus and the rich man and that of the rich youngman whom Christ told to sell his properties and give the proceds to the poor and come to follow him to preach the gospel,show that enjoyment of the world and all the worldly activities are contrary to christ aspiration on earth.IN THE NAME OF JEHESHUA CHRISTO,l AGMS stands to be corrected from the HOLY BIBLE.

25 Dec 2015 21:50


25 Dec 2015 22:52

Some folks say they dont celebrate Christmas; but what do we celebrate @ Christmas? We celebrate the life and nature of God that we've received through faith; we celebrate His glory that's now revealed in our lives; we celebrate the triumphant life that the birth, vicarious death, burial, and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ has made available to us.
Merry Christmas!

25 Dec 2015 23:33

where did jesus born

26 Dec 2015 00:32

This is really true

26 Dec 2015 01:21

To me,celebrating the birth of Christ who was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of king Herod according to the Holy Bible is not bad but the way in which people now celebrate it calls for a great concern.Those who have neither read the Bible nor go to church have hijacked it to be a day of fire works which have made many to be in sadness,a day they get drunk,commit fornication and adultery.many go to steal so as to satisfy their love ones who obviously will not be happy if they don't get new clothes,shoes,cook rice and chicken.The so called watch-Night is even the worst.Till dawn in many places it is a festival of stealing,fonication and adultery.The last command Yeheshua Christo gave to his aposles is,''LOVE ONE ANOTHER FOR THIS THEY WILL KNOW THAT YOU ARE MINE''.what is happening in the world today fulfils the words of Christ where he says and l quote,''The time is coming when those who kill you will think that they are offering services to God''.Everybody want to be saved and go to heaven.Now someone came to Yeheshua and said,''Good one,how can l be save?''Christ points him to the commandments which he said that he had obeyed even from his childhood and Christ told him to go and sell his possessions and follow him.Can any advice be more clearer to humans than this? Where does salvation lies now? celebration of his birthday which himself never did while on earth or to preach the gospel?

26 Dec 2015 11:44

It seems u guys have nothing to say, xmas origin the celebration wasn't for jesus that is correct, it was for the sun god. But christian that exist those days saw that it was wrong instead celebrating something that can't talk, why not celebrate the birth of jesus instead, to my opinion celebrating the birth of jesus is not bad at all, bcus even when he was born they gave gift to him, that is also a celebration, infact the birth of jesus is a miracle and worth celebrating, even if we don't celebrate it christian sin, same goes to unbelievers, everybody is always happy when it comes to christmas, y'all preaching will u tell me that none of you celebrated it.

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26 Dec 2015 14:40


26 Dec 2015 14:46

Surely this is a big question

26 Dec 2015 16:38

Am Realy Happy To You Brother,jesus Will Not Happy Because Thats Make Him Waiting.And If Jesus Will Come Back He Will Come With Anger.

26 Dec 2015 19:30

Quote by Beestruck
If he's not happy about it, SANTA will be happy. Lol...

Hahahaha, u re funy ooo, @Beestruck