Nigerian forum: Religion - Some Days to Go... 2015 is rounding Up
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22 Dec 2015 05:15

What as God done for you since January 1 to this Minute... What does it What?
Does it What Thanks? If Yes Praise the Lord in Your Own Language

25 Dec 2015 10:54

l tank god for is wondrous love n care. he did nt allow any tin to happene to us may his name b highly exeulted amen. if god has done greater tin in ur live shout big hallejuja

25 Dec 2015 19:01

He gave us life and supplies our need, may his name alone be praised......

25 Dec 2015 20:41

God i thank u 4 counting me amög d fresh graduate

26 Dec 2015 21:10

I thank God for the gift of life..

27 Dec 2015 09:05

GOD you are worthy to be praised

27 Dec 2015 10:49

im alive today because God kept me thank you almighty G od

27 Dec 2015 18:52

Alhamdulillahi Robil Alameeen