Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Is It Okay For A Man To Cry In Front Of His Woman?
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19 Dec 2015 21:37

We know women cry easily and often over anything. But men . I mean A grown MAN!!! to cry often in front of His woman . E pass me
I just saw the post on a platform and felt i should share.
Personally i feel its weak for a man to cry over
anything apart from the death of a loved one, I feel men are meant to take charge and decide the next line of action in tough situations.
What do y'all think

9 Jan 2016 22:48

Real men don't show tears but rather display their emotions.

9 Jan 2016 23:05

A real man cries. but in front of a woman, it depends on love: not jus mere luv. i mean thru luv when it comes from within u. when u can't handle the pain and the hurt any more but to let it go, thats when i think a man cries in front of his woman. not just any woman, i mean "his" woman.

9 Jan 2016 23:11

There is not wrong wit it