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14 Dec 2015 07:42

Nobody Can Make You Unhappy But YOU

Greetings of the new day my good Friends.

Today I just want to share with you the truth inherent in the above title of this post.

Many a time, many of us look up to external factors to make us happy and thus our happiness becomes contiguous upon some affair or activity or achievement.

We say to ourselves, if only I become a graduate, I would be the happiest person on earth, and then we go on to graduate, of course we become happy but only for a short while because after graduation comes the need to get a job.

And then we shift our happiness again to getting a job, so we say, I will be the happiest person on earth the day I get a well paying job, this takes a while to come and we continue to hiss and complain and fret while looking out for the job; then when we eventually get one, because it was not what we are expecting, we decide to manage it and though we are a little bit happy but we do not really express our full happiness at being employed; so instead of working at our jobs, we suck at them; we go late to work, gossip most of the time in the office, leave most jobs unfinished for the day, and then leave early for home; we make ourselves sad because we do not have the "well paying job" that we dreamt of.

I could go on and on to elucidate the various conditions we give to ourselves that would determine our happiness but my friend, you can see that that conditional happiness never lasts.

The happiness that lasts comes from within and streams from an advanced mind that recognizes that whatever comes his way does not define him, but how he reacts to that is what actually defines him.

A settled mind knows that life is fleeting and that one cannot postpone his or her happiness for a later date because no one can be happy in arrears.

The inner quality that makes the man who is happy always to so express it is the realization that whatever he has is given to him by the Creator and he lives with gratitude.

When you are grateful for the things you already have and even if you have nothing (which is an absolute impossibility), you are still ALIVE; being alive should be a source of internal happiness.

Today, strive to brew your own happiness right from inside of you; be happy for what you have and who you already are, by so doing, you arm Providence to do more for you and to take you higher.

Thanks for reading, do share your own opinion on this matter with me as you drop a comment using the comment box below.

Have a great day

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP

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14 Dec 2015 09:44

Very correct

14 Dec 2015 13:48

u are right

14 Dec 2015 20:47

14 Dec 2015 21:10

Dats correct, tnx 4 ur words

14 Dec 2015 21:29

Tanks 4 D Word Of Wisdom Sir

14 Dec 2015 23:22

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15 Dec 2015 22:49

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