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13 Dec 2015 07:15

Wrap Yourself Around God

My friends

After Saturday comes Sunday the first day of the new week
And this new week is the 3rd week of the last month of the year 2015, in the next two weeks or thereabout, we shall be singing the Nunc Dimitis for December and for 2015.

Even though every day we are expected to be close to God, however, it has been found out by observation and research that the best season to wrap oneself around God is this season.

Not only because of His Infinite Love which He showed to mankind by giving the Saviour to be born at a time like this, but His ubiquitous protection to those who are wrapped around Him such that no one can prize them away from Him.

If you are yet to wrap yourself around God, today offers another opportunity to do just that.

Go to church, confess your sins, make a solemn vow to keep away from them henceforth and then give Him your life.

He Who holds you in the Hollow of His Hands is ABLE and MIGHTY.

Today, Go To Church

And may He look down upon you with mercy and compassion from the Heavenlies and POUR YOU OUT A BLESSING

You are so blessed my friends

And I love you So!!!

Have a very pleasant Sunday


Dr. Jerry - the First: JP

14 Dec 2015 09:48

Thank u

14 Dec 2015 10:46
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