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12 Dec 2015 21:39

what your take on Ndi Igbo and Biafra agitation??

14 Dec 2015 09:30

I call dat thy are doin foolish thg

14 Dec 2015 09:35

De dnt have work dat is why de are do it

14 Dec 2015 09:36
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14 Dec 2015 09:36


14 Dec 2015 11:31

They need a prayer bcos dats not d right thing 2 solve d problem.

14 Dec 2015 15:18

Biafra will live now or neva

14 Dec 2015 21:10

Biafra can never die but Nigeria will die and die forever amen

14 Dec 2015 22:11

There is nothing like forced Marriage and smooth Divorce,in nutshell,Scotland refused to part from UK despite 300 yrs marriage and Yugoslavia had a very bitter divorce for marriage that last less than 80yrs and west and east Germany reunited after 45yrs separation. Dialogue should be used for amicable resolution

15 Dec 2015 02:00

Its a useless agitation tha wl js cause more problem for the igbo,....

15 Dec 2015 02:02

Biafra, the living dead stil talking. Hahahakakakakiki.

15 Dec 2015 05:36

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15 Dec 2015 08:02

we love biafra