Nigerian forum: Ladies only - When A Girl Is Dating A Guy Who Is Not Ready For Marriage
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12 Dec 2015 17:40

This goes out to guys who are fond of hurting/
deceiving girls intentionally...Dont think that girl
you ve bn dating for like 3 years, and who has bn
givin you enough love and care all this while is
happy just being a girlfriend when all her mates are getting married every wkend while u are busy
delaying things and enjoying all the privileges of a
wife from her. If care is not taken, she might start
having or looking at other options, since her
biological clock (or goals) runs faster than yours.
And before you know it, you wil be surprised to
hear she's getting married soon to someone else.
Bros, stop wasting time, and stop playing with the
hearts of ladies. When a woman loves a guy dearly, she'll be willing to make sacrifice for the guy. She will be willing to wait and also endure. But mind you, there is a limit to every woman's patience. Women work on time... Lets do what's right for the sake of love!

14 Dec 2015 22:58

gud talk

29 Jun 2016 12:34

Infact Dating A Guy Who Is Ready Is Frustrating And Wasting Of Time

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26 Jul 2016 14:00

That's a very bad thing to do, because, me, I'll never try it

19 Sep 2016 11:46


10 Nov 2016 00:23

Gud talk,

31 Jul 2017 13:18

I need a lady to b my friend