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12 Dec 2015 12:37

Good day guys, these are the different types of love, our secondary school teacher forgot to teach us, not the usual paternal, maternal love etc and we have to learn ourselves..some learn the hard way , but thanks to dandywriter, you will be learning the easy way today. Grab a seat and Enjoy

1. Pix love ; now this is an online love that is based on the pictures of the partners, as long as you keep uploading beautiful and handsome pictures all is well, people who fall victims of internet fraud are ones who believed in this kind of love, especially girls, as long as the guy uploads handsome pictures of his , and his cars and houses which are mostly fake, they dance to the tune of the fraudster by sending him money, thinking they were actually going to get married,unserious guys fall victims too , on seeing a beautiful picture of a model, they were trapped thinking they are actually chatting with a beautiful lady not knowing the account and the pictures were fake by men who just want to dupe them..they are many on Facebook, Eskimi and many dating sites

2. Money love : we can see this kind of love around us, it happens when a guy or a girl date or marry anybody who on normal occasions wouldn't have been given a chance but for the money and power the person possess, even if the guy happens to be a monkey incarnate, but has some dough to spare, the girls in this category would still love him, and if the woman happens to be a vulture redesigned , guys in this category would still root for her, because money is the source of this love when it stops flowing, the love dries up, this is where we have the term "sugar daddies'and 'sugar mummies'

3. Fame love : this love is based on the fame and popularity of one of the individuals involved , the guy or girl might be ugly or broke but as long as he/she got the fame, tthe fire of the love is still burning.

4 . Celebrity love : this is a type of love often seen in fans of various celebrities, some fans love celebrities to the extent of doing anything for them.evil guys knows this and create a fake account with the names and profiles of these celebrities to dupe their die hard fans, by asking money as a favour from them with the account,by promising them positions in modelling ,acting or even the music industry for a sum of money..some
gullible fans still fall for it...

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