Nigerian forum: Celebrities, gossip - Why dbanj's koko garri can't be a complete success
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12 Dec 2015 12:25

Last year,the "koko" crooner and his team of koko holdings,manufactured a Product called 'kokogarri"and Since then he has been garnishing help from celebs in different kinds of sectors to endorse the product,even the big man himself Aliko Dangote endorsed it,but looking at this product from another point of view,all the pictorial endorsements are just overhyped,we think dbanj's koko garrri can't be a complete success,and just like ini's bread might soon be heading for the rocks if its not rebranded and repackaged,its not personal,here are few points dandywriter have to support this.

1.why and when do we drink garri

if you ask me I will tell you,garri is not everybody's best food,we only results to garri when we want to eat EBA,and we drink it when we have no better options,dbanj must have been banking on the fact that the poor are many in Nigeria,and their occasional food would be garri,he may be right though,but did he packaged"kokogarri" for the poor?no! The product was packaged and designed for d rich..or people who could afford three squarely balanced meals a day,and this is where he got it all wrong because the rich seldom takes garri,they only take it when they feel like eating Eba and when they go to special functions where EBA was served and this goes for some of us too..drinking?I don't think so when they got lots of cartons of golden morn,corn flakes,oats meal etc in their stores..why did we think dbanj's koko garri is for the rich?let's take a look at the the next point which is?

2.The price and availability of kokogarri vs the Price and availability of garri in the market

kokogarri 18kg is being sold for the price of #5000 at online stores, whereas garri is sold for #10 per cup in d market,and 10 cups popularly known as 'congo' is #100,you can get garri ijebu for as high as let's do d maths Dbanj's kokogarri 18kg price would fetch a total of 40/50 Congo's of garri in the market,the poor won't buy dbanj's koko garri ,why? Cos with #5000,a poor man who knows how to price very well would go to the market,buy garri,get meat,fish etc,buy soup ingredients, he would have a nice meal and still have change left think the rich would buy it? a man who really works for money,and whether rich or poor would want value on his money,and would want to acquire more for little amount spent,(maybe dbanj didn't do economics in secondary school)in fact eatries,bukas etc won't also buy it,cos they too are looking for profit,and compare how many wraps of EBA they can make from 'kokogarri'and the quantity of garri they bought in the market at the same price..The kokogarri is not even available everywhere,out of ten stores,you might find it in only three.

3. Garri's effects and Hazards

Many people are put off garri cos of the effects it has when you drink it too much,it is known to reduce eyesight,and the particles in it are also known to cause appendix etc,please don't tell me dbanj's kokogarri is different because its in a packet,it's just glorified 'garri ijebu'

4.Dbanj and the name

many celebrities think because they are popular,if they venture into other things apart from the ones people know them to be e.g (from acting to singing , from singing to manufacturing business,)will favour them,and there would be a high demand for their products,but they are wrong,they may be popular but as your popularity increases,so do your enemies,some people have no reason ,they just don't like your face,and even some of your fans like watching you on TV,but eating your products,?No,I don't think so..and the name koko garri is simply a doesn't add that business taste to the product.. Till today,many people think the product is just a joke

5.Other competitors in the business are
stepping up

The other competitors in the garri packaging industry are stepping up in their game by going to the grassroot to advertise their products,free taste etc, recently I saw a packet of packaged ,i was curious and bought it for #50 , I was surprised to see that the garri has sugar,milk,and kulikuli was sprinkled all over it, it was very sweet and I had to buy two more.

So what can dbanj do to save his 'kokogarri'?

1.To gather more profits, the best alternative for him is to reduce the kokogarri into very much more smaller packets(e.g 2 cups per 1 pkt)and sell at a very cheap/discounted rate,his profit would come in the long or short run.

2.Secondly,he should advertise more on local TV and radio stations, go to the grassroot, speak to the masses, sell to retailers etc the idea of celebrities snapping with the product and sharing the pictures on their social handles with some short captions may be part of it,but advertising a product is more than that,he should learn from dangote..
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14 Dec 2015 10:13

Good advice

15 Sep 2016 21:53

Let Dat Person Start Is Own Bussiness And Let D World See And He Should Stop Using His Mouth 2 Destroy Other Peoples Business& Sucess. And If At All U Want 2 Advice Dbanj U Should Use Polite Word

30 Sep 2017 18:15

Abi oooo