Nigerian forum: Jokes - LAUGH IT OFF (THEN YOU DON'T HAVE EYES)
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12 Dec 2015 02:22

One day a man with hunch back was walking along a busy street when he noticed that a man with a cutlass was walking behind him. He decided to take another road,but where ever he goes,the man was always behind him.He became afraid and he shouted and a crowd soon gathered. And he told them that where ever he goes,the cutlass wielding man always follows him.And they told him that it could be a coincidence that they were just going the same direction.And the hunch back man said to the people,'so you people want to tell me now that you don't know the reason why he has been following me all about.Then you people don't have eyes'.

14 Dec 2015 10:15

Abi oo

26 Dec 2015 11:09

Some people dey look well well from back and front sha o!

10 Jan 2016 20:07