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10 Dec 2015 11:07

A man bought a lie detector robot with hands which slaps people that lie, so he decided to try it at the dinner..
DAD: my Son, where were you during the school period?
SON: In the class *the robot slaps him*
SON: OK, i was in the movie center
DAD: what type of movie?
SON: toy stories *robot slaps him*
SON: Ok, i was watching a day with the porn star
DAD: what!!!, when i was your age, i didn't even know what is porn *the robot slaps him*
mum started laughing and said..
MUM: after all, he is your son *robot slaps her*
now who are you to judge as the baddest?

10 Dec 2015 16:14

Let me finish laughing I will tell u later

10 Dec 2015 17:24
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10 Dec 2015 18:32

The mother of the boi

10 Dec 2015 23:23
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10 Dec 2015 23:37

all of them

11 Dec 2015 00:17


11 Dec 2015 01:22

The mother....

11 Dec 2015 12:09

The robot shld by return before there hidden secret is revied all. Corrupted family indeed

11 Dec 2015 14:49

All Of Them.... Cause all of Them lied.

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11 Dec 2015 17:50

The mother was the baddest liar,cos surely that boy wasnt belong to her husband biologically.

11 Dec 2015 21:56

Lol... i cn't laugh alone!! D mother suppose called lie,coz she z d baddest liar

11 Dec 2015 22:17

D mother

11 Dec 2015 22:56


11 Dec 2015 23:31


12 Dec 2015 12:11

wat a hilarious joke am still laughing...but de blame at last ll goes to de mum...

12 Dec 2015 15:24

It really funny,the mother of d boy is d badest

12 Dec 2015 20:43

What the fuck that mama na the baddest

13 Dec 2015 07:39

Hmmm the mum

13 Dec 2015 17:39