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10 Dec 2015 10:09

It Is All About God

Glory be to God in the Highest, for He has found it fit to bring us back to this world of the living so that we can have a reason to keep glorifying His Holy Name and to keep thanking Him for life.

If anyone still thinks that it was the alarm they set last night that woke them up this morning, then they should set the alarm beside the dead bodies in the mortuary and see how many of them are able to wake up!!!

It is all about God

I know Him personally, He has been great in my life and that of my family. He has been so gracious to me and mine that words are not even enough to thank Him. I worship nothing else but Him and I shall continue to do so until the time is ripe for Him to call me back home.

How about you?
Do you know God personally?
Do you acknowledge Him in your life?
or you think you are the owner of your own life?

Well, while you provide answers to the above questions, I wish you the best that this day has brought with it and which it is presently unfolding.

And remember, I love you without any conditions

Cheers to a wonderful day


Dr. Jerry - the First: JP

10 Dec 2015 16:54

Cool. but the end time how close are we.

11 Dec 2015 00:18

Nice one.

11 Dec 2015 13:29

i just want to where you are in your dwelling place forever o lord

11 Dec 2015 19:22

I am d way, d truth, & d life: no man cometh unto d Father, but by Me, neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name...whereby we must be saved; says the Lord.

11 Dec 2015 23:26

Mmmm.........friends GOD love us, bt do we love HIM? He love u an HE love me, hw do we love HIM? wat cn we do for HIM?

12 Dec 2015 06:32

Tank u lord for counting me among the living, tank u lord Jesus christ for a brand new day

12 Dec 2015 08:40

A young rich man ask Jesus what will he do to enter into the kingdom of God, and christ said unto him go and sell all that you have and give to the poor. To you guys out there don't give your girlfriends, any gifts or money this xmas. give to the poor in your neighborhood. If you do this you are saving your soul from hell. May God bless you all?

12 Dec 2015 11:00

all tnks to god

12 Dec 2015 15:16

Oh Lord your i have hidden in my heart so that i we not sin against you.

12 Dec 2015 20:20

The presence of a Kingdom necessitates d presence of a King. If u ar nt worshipin Jesus Christ as King, then His Kingdom is nt within u. Is He in control of ur life or ar u hopin He wil affirm what u urself wish to do with ur life? Remember, to d extent dat u prevent d Lord 4rm carrying out His perfect wil 4 ur life through u, u are hinderin d comin of d Kingdom of God upon d earth.

12 Dec 2015 20:27
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12 Dec 2015 20:30

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man layed down his life for his friends Jn. 15:13

13 Dec 2015 15:46

When its al been said nd done.There is one thing that matters.Did i liv my life to lay fortune or did i liv my life 4u?

29 Jan 2016 13:52

I Always Thank Almight Allah Fr Evrytin In Dis Wrd Nd Heaven,one Nd Only God Wit No Other God Anywere Nd Hv No Wife None Child Tnk U God Fr D Luv Of Life.