Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Ladies, can you marry your mother's younger ex- lover for love?
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8 Dec 2015 09:58

Imagine this. You met a guy who just returned from doing his masters overseas. You hit it off just like that and your relationship blossom with such intimacy that marriage is not out of the question. The lady in question was raised by her single mother, because her parents are divorced. A date was fixed for a meeting with the mother. The day came and the gentle man came calling. To his astonishment, the mother of his fiancee was his secret lover before he went to europe for his masters. They had the affair while he was serving for NYSC in the school where the mother thought, and her daugther was also in her second year in the university. So they never met. It was a secret affair. Now the mother is afraid that she might ruin her daughter's chance of happiness. The guy being an honest person told the fiancee as soon as they left the house the he was her mother's lover in his NYSC days, but it ended ever since. If it were you lady, what will you do, considering the fact that you are head over hill in love with the guy. Sincere comments pls...

8 Dec 2015 13:42

8 Dec 2015 15:15

Thats such a dumb question for me. Cos my mom aint no flirting whore.

8 Dec 2015 18:08

if we are still in love we will go on

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8 Dec 2015 20:52

@mercy dat would b a dumbest fin tin 2 do....cuz u will ever live with d pains

9 Dec 2015 11:20
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9 Dec 2015 11:26
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9 Dec 2015 11:34

Quote by tee76
Thats such a dumb question for me. Cos my mom aint no flirting whore.

Having a relationship with a younger lover does not make a woman a whore. What the relationship is all about is the most important factor. It could be companionship in the case of a single mother...

9 Dec 2015 11:45

Ladies! Must read relationship advice.

9 Dec 2015 14:19

Am still seaching for my comment

9 Dec 2015 14:22

Quote by Praise796
Am still seaching for my comment

was it posted here?

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9 Dec 2015 17:23

It can possible for what if a lady does that kind of a thing that's a real course in their family

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9 Dec 2015 20:32

As a matter of fart z a tabou 2 d lady.

9 Dec 2015 20:39

It's hard but for the guy to be man enough by making it known to his wife to be. She should just let go of the past though it's a pain that will haunt her for years