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8 Dec 2015 06:20

What A Wonderful World!!!

My Friends

I am so glad to come your way again with this write up and I am happy to let you know that again He brought me back to this land of the living that is flowing with milk and honey.

The Good Lord made this earth and all that there are in it; after creation, He took a step backwards to get a good look at what He created and He declared it to be good.

So no matter how wicked human beings have become, no matter how much we are in a hurry to destroy the world, no matter how cold our loves have become, how we are willing to sell our souls to the devil, no matter what challenges there are to get over, it is still a very GOOD and WONDERFUL World.

I have lived long enough to know that a man gets what he thinks about the most and which he constantly talks about.

I once had a patient who was always afraid that he was going to die whenever he had a minor ailment; anytime he had fever, he would not feel that it was malaria or something that could be easily diagnosed and treated, he felt he had cancer and he would always say that it is cancer that would kill him, so it was not a surprise to me that 20 years down the line of managing him, he came down with prostate cancer and despite all that was done to make him a cancer survivor, he had already given in to death from cancer and it was not long and he went to be with the Lord. He died from cancer, which he had always wished for.

So, today, reading this story and knowing that you could get your wish, may I ask you to always be positively minded and look at the brighter side of life?

No matter all its drudgeries, it is still a Wonderful world!!!

Have a splendid day today and don't ever forget that I love you beyond reason


Dr. Jerry - the First: JP

8 Dec 2015 17:46

Sometimes we get what we asked for. I'm someone like ur patient I pray God almighty forgives me for all the wrong thoughts that have come to my mind

8 Dec 2015 19:39


8 Dec 2015 22:18


9 Dec 2015 13:44

it us 2ru dis world is beautiful and dat is y God open up in dat book of Gen 1 talking abt d story of creation.

9 Dec 2015 17:14

thank God

9 Dec 2015 20:15

We should always thank God,

9 Dec 2015 20:39

God I Thank You For All What You Have Don In My Life. Baba I Say Thank You.