Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Whats Ur Say On Dis Matter ?
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4 Dec 2015 22:48

For sometimes now there has been a lot of posts from guys on this forum lamenting about how disturbing, unfaithful, heartless, demanding and all that gold digging stuffs about girls. So i am here to testify that good girls still exists. I know that the percentage of the so called bad girls are magnanimous in our society today,i had lot of dis feminine as friend on dis plattform and i can testify dat dey are all Angel, thou i reference them as "my lady" all bcos they are the best, loving,respectful,caring, comfortable, jovial, angelic, humble and friendly. They Neva asks me for anything As Most Guys Claims On Dis Forum. I could go on for weeks talking about their good qualities but i must stop here. just b4 i pen down, guys pls lets stop judging the good ones with the bad ones,pray that u meet the one who is meant for u, i Had a chat with a friend of recent on dis plattform and he gave me some characteristics of his dream woman... What shocked me most was the point he laid emphasis that he can neva find such on dis mobofree ... Now guys I believe everyone has his own scale of preference.#smiles# ... Help some sisters out and help me too.WHAT'S YOUR PERCEPTION OF A WIFE MATERIAL?

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