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4 Dec 2015 13:45

When U Give Thanks 2ur Creator, Its A Complete Guaranty And Perfection Of What He Has Started, It Should Not Be When U Want 2 Cross Over 2 Anoda Year B4 U Begin 2 Show Appreciation, U Can Begin Now By Prasing Him In Ur Dialect Or Eulogise Him In Ur Mother Tongue All Bcos He Deserve It.

Agbanilagbatan, Awonilawotan, Oba Ti Koseunti, Oba 2 Pami Mo, I Adore U As Wel Come B4u 2day 2 Say Thank U Lord, D Al~Sufficent God I Twale 4u Gidigan.

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9 Jan 2016 22:49

Great are you Lord, greatly to be praised greatly to be peaised father you reign.