Nigerian forum: Music - Freestyle, Rap Battle & Cypher
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26 Apr 2014 10:24

this forum is all about music things... if u think u can freestyle, rap battle or cypher, u can bring it on rite here.

29 Apr 2014 18:51

thanks 2 whoever that approved this forum/ am happy 'n high lyk i emptied a big bottle of dark rum/ my mission is 2 make all my niggies busy/ unfriend me if u kinda lazy/ slim six a.k.a. 3ple Y gat no time 4 mobofree warmer/ i plant rap like lyrics farmer/

1 Jun 2014 09:56

Am nt d best bt am tryinq my fuckinq best cuz all my rap so sweet jst lyk a milk in d breast ntin goes free 4 mobofree cuz u av 2 login 2 c beta tinz DIZZ¥JA¥ NANI

12 Jun 2014 18:04

yea, i lyk dat my niccur, dizzyjaytobad/ i can see u're tryin ur best, but, i'mma bad/

27 Jun 2014 13:07

U guyz think u are d dopest,u juzz cross d line u are abt 2 qet my focuz,prepare d mixtapes lemme drop dope flows lyk a soaked clothes,prepare 4 d worst,its a warninq I aint qona sack u even if ur chick apply 4 a blowjob..r-h-h-h

29 Jun 2014 15:11

lemme spit it simple so that starboy wul know am talkin 2 him/ boy, i've browsed trou ur mobozone, u're such a duck that can't even swim/ i'mma dog that bite, i don't bark/ i alwez shine even when my days are dark/ i don't mean 2 discourage u here cuz ur profile shows u're a stranger/ but lemme make it clear 2 u, if u f*ck with me, u'll put ur life in danger/

1 Jul 2014 10:23

Am nt a fuck boi dat use oder pplez name cuz everybd knw wizzy dey bear d name starboi,i don't giv a shit 4 a bitch lyk u niqqa guy i knw wan dizz u b warn guy

10 Jul 2014 20:34

to me silent is tha sign of weakness/ that boy appeared 'n disappeared, that's wackness/ i'm here no retreat nor surrender, heaven is my witness/ i'mma kinda niccur that can treat ur sickness/ mah barz are steal' ya'all can't crunch mine/ i'm tha dopest, u can see boy, i got dope linez/ at a battle session i'm alwez at tha frontline/ if u f*ck with me, i'll leave u with frontspine/

11 Jul 2014 01:26

reall good rap brains

12 Jul 2014 18:14

eyo bak wen bitches but gat no time 4 snitches,am cum wit d bigest swager cos am swagity swaging on ya bum 4 nw meet me hook me but try me next tym

17 Jul 2014 23:46

it's still slim six in tha building/ i'm tha baddest here, doin all tha killin/ i was born 2 do this, ain't liein/ if u're a bitch, u won't know wat am sayin/ i'm not a 90's baby but my perspective comes from a right angle/ i'mma real playa, alwayz chillin as am single/

15 Aug 2014 22:52

I i am nicer than dat niga 9ice still wonda y u all crippling lyk mice,... sssh sssh silent dnt b silly cus i b on top u lyk shelter

18 Aug 2014 11:58

taa sailent@slim6 u b raper u reach young 6/ am not a raper/ am a singer/ but i play wit my finger/ now i don da ginger/ if u say u wana try ok show me ur triger/

18 Aug 2014 15:36

y'all just acting like fighters
but y'all got no blossom, thallophyta
i b like "ta lo n fight her"
cos all i c are bitches nd not niggas

18 Aug 2014 15:42

son ur flow's weak, me i flowsick
you tink u can fly wen ur DNA is part tick
ur flows lyk rubberband, mine lyk horse dick
i go hard lyk am on viagra
i storm hard lyk Zeus in anger
king among gods ima tear u asunder
niggas, ima crush y'all to powder
y'all shudda bn born on d 1st of April
ya lyf x a joke, i mean dat nd am smilin
dis ain't pointed out to anybody
buh' if u tink u gat game, start up ya diss wit VIRIL... #im out

22 Aug 2014 00:47

Frum da east am d best to da west stil da best no ma mhen cos am in quest u guys just leave me cos am in haste everybody kal me kostex dats guest nigga see dat i have regret kum nd bee dat i wahn bent nd i wil rest stil am da best hah!

22 Aug 2014 14:29

u tink u're d best in all u gat ntin bt a sound of a frog,u get a little flows wen it whistle bt as ntin wen it stop,am a fighter in both street nd jungle if u try 2 dizzme u gatra tumble diz nt fumble in any of ur dizzrap am capable.

7 Sep 2014 00:12

oluwatiszy am back again o with a brand new one on me naw.

11 Sep 2014 21:27

i don't say much but i do it present at any time any day and people dat know me comfirm dat is true, i just need a sponsorer i am complete musician such as singin hipop, rappin, gospel and also the writer, if u are concerned here is my no.09099588074 or mit me on facebook with dis name Alachukwu saint onyeachonam

20 Sep 2014 19:35

some niccurz here ain't bitch but they smell lyk pussy/ dunno what they mean by those wack linez, they must be tipsy/ u're claimin thug but u don't even hava gun/ i'm aiming straight 2 ur head, u better run/ go 'n equip urself, cuz u lack what it takes 2 be a G/ check out my fine linez, whereva i go i'mma big G/