Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - 7 REASONS WHY LONG TIME BOY FRIEND WILL MARRY U.
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1 Dec 2015 21:25

I just read a thread and I've been shaking my head even though I know some of points were actually true. So I came up with this list which I know might correspond with your thoughts!
Let's begin!
• He hasn't enjoyed every part of you.
How else will your boyfriend enjoy every part of you if you don't give it to him everyday and every minute? so to my virgin ladies, no sex before marriage et all, he hasn't enjoyed anything yet!
• When he realises you're independent
The sexiest thing about a woman is her hustle.
Who told u guys that we actually need you to solve our problems? A man loves it when his woman work hard to pay bills so to my hard-working ladies, that guy will marry you!
• When you introduce your friends (male & female) to him
This makes the guy more secured and will trust you not to have anything to do with male friends. Having a boyfriend doesn't mean I shouldn't have male friends.
• He already know everything about you
When a guy knows almost everything about you and still keep you, do you think he's silly to have done that! He's got plans for you. Except for the useless and unserious guy
• When he discovers he's the true landlord of the honey pot
Guys truly have their ears around their girlfriend, when he gets to know that you're reserved. He treats you like the reserve girl that you are.
• When you've got beauty and brains
Men love beautiful girls with brains. The moment he realises that the same way you put efforts in making yourself beautiful is the same way you do that academically and career wise, he'll fall even more for you.
• When he realises that you're a good cook
Haba! Only you beautiful, sexy, intelligent, good behaviour and can cook! If you be guy, you no go marry that babe

2 Dec 2015 11:54

Guy, the decision doesn't end with u.
If u have seen all these criteria in your said woman, try to ask yourself if you are the type she wants. All these u see in her, are they in u?

2 Dec 2015 18:44

Nice writeup!!!

3 Dec 2015 13:16


3 Dec 2015 23:05

Ok ooo