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26 Apr 2014 08:58

A man bought a donkey
from a preacher. The preacher
told the man, "this donkey has
been trained in a very unique
way. The only way to make
the donkey go is to say
Hallelujah, and the only way to
make it stop is to say Amen."
The man immediately got on
the animal to try out the
preacher's instructions.
"Hallelujah!" He shouted. And
immediately the donkey
began to trot. "Amen!" He
shouted again, and the
donkey stopped immediately.
"This is great," he said. With
Hallelujah he rode off very
proud of his purchase. The
man traveled for a long time
through some mountains.
Soon he was heading towards
a cliff. He could not remember
the word to make the donkey
stop. "STOP!" He blurted,
"HALT!" He blurted again. The
donkey just kept going, "Oh
no, Bible! Church! Please
stop!" Cried the man. He was
getting closer and closer to
the edge of the cliff. Finally in
desperation, the man said a
prayer, "Please, dear God,
please make this donkey stop
before i go off this mountain,
in Jesus name, AMEN!" The
donkey came to an abrupt
stop, just one step from the
edge of the cliff. Immediately
the donkey stopped, the man
joyously said, "HALLELUJAH! I
believe u know what
happened next?

17 Oct 2016 18:01

Wat A Miracle

6 Dec 2016 20:26

Oooooo sorry

7 Dec 2016 23:12