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1 Dec 2015 11:33

Good morning @LLC readers and are d same time happy new Month ...A female friend of mine asked me if It's possible to love some1 and not call the person constantly? And I bluntly told her that calls doesn't have anything to do in a relationship thou some people cherished it, she paused and said this Dude in question just got into a relationship with...he dosnt call Frequently and He gives excuses
alot wen asked y he didn't beep her ...she's about to break up with him all bcos dis dude does not call her phone . so my question is dat if you claim u love some1 but you don't call often,is it a crime ?

1 Dec 2015 13:44

Actually it is not a crime.but it is very important cos it wil be hard for any relations to be established without communication,or else the gal has to bring in understanding, knowing dat his lack of communication maybe due to his work or someoda tin

1 Dec 2015 14:40

point noted.

1 Dec 2015 16:23

it is a crime because if he love u he will call u to no if u are doing well

1 Dec 2015 17:17

Bros. Its A Crime, Kus U Myt Be Hurting Her Feeling By Not Calling Herl

1 Dec 2015 18:19

my dear is not a crime but it is necessary nd it all depends on understanding of both party, but if u as a guy find out dt ur girl is d type dt like calls pls call her all d time if u have d means, dt maybe what makes her happy.

1 Dec 2015 20:12
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1 Dec 2015 22:15


1 Dec 2015 23:12

It's important 2 call d one love always it keeps d relationship vibrant. Whatever d nature of ur job is, still find time to communicate with d said person

2 Dec 2015 00:56

It is not a crime but it is important in a relationship,speaking from experience

2 Dec 2015 01:27

Yes Na Crime

2 Dec 2015 02:19

Wich kind crime, if e no cal, na bad tin if shi cal ni?

2 Dec 2015 07:10

I Wont Want 2 Say Its A Crime, During Friendship I Do Expect Dat Most Of D Conversation Should B On Phone So If D Guy Is D Busy Or Not Busy Type Atleast Phone Cals Wil Stil Make Him 2 B Closer But If He Does Not Cal, Its Sound SomeHow.

3 Dec 2015 13:13

communication matter alot in any relationship to me is a crime nt to cal a person you say you love

3 Dec 2015 14:32

It's neva a'crim! but some'tymz its gud 2 allways call de 1 u luv at'least 1ce a'day%%%.

3 Dec 2015 18:28

3 Dec 2015 22:27

its not a crime

3 Dec 2015 23:03

It's not a crime tho it is essential in a relationship

4 Dec 2015 23:47

Wat is luv witout communication? N once a man starts givn excuses or reasons 4nt bn wit u then its obvious dat somtin or som1 more important than u has taken over. D bitter truth is; no mata hw busy a man is, if he truly luvs nd cares abt u he wil surely cal u even if dats d last thing he has 2do.

4 Dec 2015 23:54

Another Point Noted.