Nigerian forum: Literature - Hurray!!! - November Is Ending Today
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30 Nov 2015 13:44

Hello my friends,

I am so happy to see the last day of the 11th month of the year 2015; this is an evidence that God has been so gracious to me and mine and we shall continually praise His Holy Name for ever and ever - Amen

It's the month end, though the commencement of a new week.

How has the month treated you?
Are you taking stock now?
Are there some things you planned to do but yet to do?
or some programs you planned to organize but failed to?

Well, each month comes with its own challenges, and am sure November was no different.

But whatever be the case, November is on its way out now and there's nothing anyone can do to hold it back.

Whether we like it or yes, by 12 midnight today, November would have transited, giving way to December.

God shall keep all of us alive and well to witness not only the beginning of the last month of this year, but also the end of it and the end of many more years to come.

Keep hope alive man
God is still at work

Enjoy this day, whatever it brings

Cheers to a great day

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP

30 Nov 2015 17:30
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30 Nov 2015 21:16

as we er going to another month i wanted to get alert

30 Nov 2015 22:41


30 Nov 2015 22:48


30 Nov 2015 22:50


30 Nov 2015 23:22

Amen happy new month in advance

30 Nov 2015 23:57

God I fnk u 4 ur immeasurable luv Nd leading me thus far

1 Dec 2015 00:40

Emmanuel' God wit us!! D bible says... In evrytin,we should cntne praizin God,4 he is gud nd hs mercy endureth 4 eva!! 10k u Lord 4 ur prtctn,4 ur care,4 ur grce & mercy,prvtn,& 4 d gift of life... Bless be 2 ur holy name!!!