Nigerian forum: Religion - Girls and their characters when dumped
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29 Nov 2015 13:08

When u dump a girl 4rm osun,she'll create a
scene n disgrace u,
2. Dump a girl frm calabar,she'll beat u n force u
love her again whether u like it or nt.
3. Dump a girl frm Abuja,she'll cry day n nit.
4. Dump a girl frm Benin,she'll bewitched u n u
wil wake up with boils on ur face.
5.Dump a girl frm Enugu,she'll take ur name n
picture to shrine.
6.Dump a girl frm Imo,she won't even notice it
because she has so many sugar daddies.
7.Dump a girl frm Warri,she'll turn her room to
beer parlour n drink all sort of drinks until she
gets high.
8.Dump a girl frm Lagos,she'll go round n sleep
wit all ur friends.
9.Dump a girl frm port Harcourt,in a week's time
she'll invite u to her wedding.
10.Dump a girl frm Anambra,she'll tempt ur dad
n becomes ur stepmother.
11.Dump a girl frm Kano,she'll report u to her
dad in d Army n u wil marry at gun point.
12.Dump an Abia girl,she'll burn ur property n
apologize to u.
13.Dump a bayelsa girl,u wil see her d next day
in ur house with ur elder brother.
14.Dump a girl frm Kogi,no need they hv dumped
u a long time ago.
15.Dump a girl frm Benue,am sorry u already hv
16.Dump a girl frm Borno? Wetin I still dey
reason be say na wetin go come happen to u?.

30 Nov 2015 21:55

Abi oo

30 Nov 2015 22:24

E bi like say dis guy don date meny gulz o chii i fear u o u hot pass peppement

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2 Dec 2015 18:11

wat abt minna girls?.....

7 Dec 2015 11:51

Akika, initially I was dumb founded but along d line u started making me 2 c reason dat u are a rated n good researcher. if not all, there are some state girls u make mentioned of that u are so so wright. guy u fall my hand b time, u are d boss