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29 Nov 2015 12:05

Renta to her brother.'Mat. l don't like the way our father looks at the housegirl,especially from her back'.Mat,'l also don't like the way our cook looks at you from behind'.And Renta said to Mat,'l also don't like the way you excuse yourself to buy recharge card when ever my girlfriend is going.'Their father heard the conversation and he rushed in and said,'Yes,l don't also like the way our driver looks at your mother from her waist too'.Mother heard and she also rushed in and said,'l don't also like the way our female dog suddenly became pregnant when we have no male dog around'.

30 Nov 2015 22:49

I also don't like why mobofree did not post you out so that people could comment on you.

25 Dec 2015 12:00

I don't also like the way some people become rich why others are poor.

10 Jan 2016 20:08

9ice 1

13 Jan 2016 06:31

And i also dun like d way MoboFree dun awards points to people at the end of each year.

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22 Mar 2016 01:26

i also don't lik why u dey drink agbo 4 anoda person malaria.

22 Mar 2016 18:25

9ice 1

13 Apr 2016 12:52

I 2 dnt lik d way u na dey interfere 2 anoda persons issue