Nigerian forum: Religion - UNMERITED FAVOUR
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29 Nov 2015 03:50

This is funny......The C.E.O of a company was walking in the factory to see how the staff were doing. He noticed a guy leaning against the wall doing nothing, he approached the man and asked him, "how much do you earn?" The guy was amazed and said,"£600 sir".
The C.E.O took off his wallet and gave the guy £3600 and yelled at him," I pay people to work and not waste time, this is your 6 month salary, now get out of here, dont say a word and never come back!".

After the guy had left, the C.E.O now looked at the other workers and asked,

"by the way, who was that guy?" the worker replied,
"he was the pizza delivery guy sir....".
May the lord surprise you with unexpected favor in the name of the Almighty God!!


7 Dec 2015 11:51

Amen o