Nigerian forum: Religion - what you gonna do?
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28 Nov 2015 12:36

Robbers enter a house, ask 4 all the money and
valuables things. After collecting what the could,
they gave the man of the house a gun with
instructions 2 shoot his wife or else he shoot
himself. The man get the gun, points it at his wife
and hesitates.... He is thinking of what he has
gone through in life with his wife and how she has
suffered and sacrificed 4 him and the kinda love
he has 4 her....
He hand back the gun and says, i am sorry i can't
do this.... The boss of the robbers silently grabbed
the gun fm him and passes it on to the wife with
the Same instructions. The wife get the gun and
without any singles hesitation point the to her
husband head and pull the trigger.... But the gun
has no bullets in it....
The robbers got their gun and walk out of the
house laughing.
1 If you were the man in that house how would
you react toward your wife?
2. If you were the wife, what explanations would
you give to your husband?
3. If you were invited to bring peace between this
couple, what advice would you give?

27 Jan 2016 18:48

I wil ask d wife y she shoot d gun if God wishes dat may b d end if am dia to bring peace i wil tel d gal not to beg just ans dis qstn if u ar in d shoe of ur husband wat ar u goin to do wit ur wife nd if am d wife i wil say am sorry nd vacate d house nd go to an desert