Nigerian forum: Forum games - Opening to your wife
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27 Nov 2015 20:20

Is it good for a man to open up to is wife at home

30 Nov 2015 09:35

Yes jst b/coz u dnt no wt tomorrow will tell.

30 Nov 2015 10:38

Is true but is nt everytin u most tell her 2moro get belle we no no watin e go born weda na gud or bad

30 Nov 2015 12:34

yes but sometimes its at owners risk

30 Nov 2015 13:28


30 Nov 2015 13:37

I Dnt undrstand the specific topic

30 Nov 2015 13:39

Is not good

30 Nov 2015 14:03

It brings oneness

30 Nov 2015 15:06

It depends on love and d trust u have for each other,if there's solid trust,YES is it.

30 Nov 2015 17:27

but do u need to ask dis question, yes ofcourse u shud open up to her. dere shouldn't be any secret between married couples.