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27 Nov 2015 11:24

There are many business opportunities
everywhere in the world today, but many are
afraid of venturing into them because of the
fear of failure, if we must succeed we just must
learn to kill our fears, failure does not mean
that you won’t succeed, it means that life is all
about ups and down, when we fall we shall rise
again, that’s the law of Nature.
Now I present to you the following Business
opportunities that you conveniently do from the
comfort of your hope and office, in this 21st
century the INTERNET has become the biggest
source of wealth creation, many just think that
the internet means of a place of getting
informed, but I have come to know that apart
from its primary usage for research, uploading
and download of music and video, plus other
Relevant materials, there’s also a secondary
importance of the internet which is the
Investment, I come to discover the word
internet, when separated can be categorized
into three which are;- IN/TER/NET which means
The best business I will recommend for anyone
is the internet networking Business, because in
this 21st century, Internet is the biggest source
of genuine wealth creation in the world today,
so join the moving train today.
for more information whatsapp me on 08149991602

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27 Nov 2015 19:29


29 Nov 2015 00:40

when i get to dat site it did not register y

29 Nov 2015 10:39

Open this link and fill the form, u ll be asked who referred you, just
type (Shuaib Mustafa) and u will get instant 500
airtime to any network u use after
doing whatever you are asked to do!
It's no joke.
konga is giving away Airtime pls hurry dnt miss it

29 Nov 2015 19:35

If you need guidance call me via 07086933881

29 Nov 2015 23:28

feel free to call me also, this is not a joke, am a beneficiary of this great networking business

30 Nov 2015 00:08

I need your id or username to register plz

30 Nov 2015 07:32

Is this for real or scam as usual

30 Nov 2015 15:46

What a world

7 Apr 2016 13:14

I want to sell itel 1403+ phone at d sum of #8,000. very okay any buyer contact me on 08141137683, 08027626082 u can check it in my ads profile.

18 Apr 2016 18:05

Quote by Ninyor
Is this for real or scam as usual

Hope u have gotten answer? If no, it is real. I am a member of helping hands international, WhatsApp 09021543390 for more information.

22 Apr 2016 11:27

Quote by Ninyor
Is this for real or scam as usual

its real, its never a scam coz I wouldn't involved myself in such

25 Apr 2016 00:41

STAGE 1. Register with #6,600, get 2
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6 people ( You can register more
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brand new Apple ipad or HP laptop
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STAGE 3: You earn #495,000 plus
brand new HYUNDAI ELANTRA , You
will be given #330,000 to empower 2
less privileged in your area, An all
expense paid international trip,
Acquire any skill you want to acquire
for free.
STAGE 4: You earn #990,000, plus a
motherless home will be empowered
on your recommendation and on your
behalf, Interest and collateral free
loan of #1,980,000 on your request.
STAGE 5: You earn #1,980,000, plus
housing support fund of #6,600,000,
then educational support of
#330,000 for 2 of your kids, Then
you keep earning 1.6MILLION yearly.
These are the benefits you will get
from H2i with just your one time
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selling of product.
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