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27 Nov 2015 00:09

Boss says to secretary, we are traveling abroad
for the week, so make. arrangement .secretary
makes a call to her husband "my boss and I will
be traveling abroad for the week, so look after the
kids. Husband makes a call to secret lover "my
wife is going abroad for the week, so let's spend
the week together. secret lover makes a call to a
little boy whom she is giving private lessons "I'm
going to be busy throughout the week, so u need
not to be come for classes for the week, little boy
makes a call to his grandfather ,'grandpa,I don't
have classes for the week, let's spend the week
together. grandpa makes a call to his secretary
"I'm afraid we won't be traveling again, my
grandson and I are going to spend week together.
secretary makes a call to husband "my boss has
some personal matter to attend to so our trip has
cancelled .Husband makes call to secret lover "we
cannot spend the weekend together, my wife has
cancelled her trip. secret lover makes call to little
boy "we will still have classes as usual this week.
little boy makes a call to his grandfather."grandpa
I'm sorry we won't be able to spend the week
together, my teacher called and said that i have to
attend classes. grandpa makes a call to his
secretary "change of plans! my grandson is no
more coming. so we are still traveling this week,
make arrangements. Please tell me how will this
chain be broken

27 Nov 2015 17:04


27 Nov 2015 19:39

Pure chain reaction

27 Nov 2015 20:52

Smiling n typing...................

27 Nov 2015 21:17 serious do not need to be broken,maka na confusion gana di si gwa nu.

27 Nov 2015 21:31

unbreakable chain

27 Nov 2015 21:38

those that lies should say d truth.

27 Nov 2015 22:38

what goes around, comes around.

28 Nov 2015 00:05


28 Nov 2015 00:13

who can break dz chain?

28 Nov 2015 01:23

Dat is life 4 u

28 Nov 2015 07:03

only God can break it my dear

28 Nov 2015 07:27


28 Nov 2015 09:17

but one can just sacrifice himself to break d chain

28 Nov 2015 12:53

We r watin 4 u@brown

28 Nov 2015 13:54


28 Nov 2015 14:58

This is realy funny

28 Nov 2015 15:30

Helo room

28 Nov 2015 21:09

Unbreakable chain! Really funny

29 Nov 2015 14:15

nt easy