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26 Nov 2015 17:00

Some men leave their responsibilities to the women in the home. Why

27 Nov 2015 15:48


27 Nov 2015 15:51

All that depends hw they started

27 Nov 2015 16:28

dat s y they ask wat u do f alivin may God help us

27 Nov 2015 16:38


27 Nov 2015 16:40

Vic wht do u do in the livin????????? Lolll

27 Nov 2015 17:11

Sum women leave der responsibilities to the men in home why? Pont of coretion@gracebrown55

27 Nov 2015 17:29

Hmm..... , as my broda as said "it depend how they startd bt d fact is a reponsible man/woman will never leave refuse to perform his/her duties 4 any reasons. well its bestly known to them either d man/woman cus when der is Love it matters nothing .

27 Nov 2015 19:16

I like ur cmmnt,it all dpnd on hw d both sex take them selfs.

27 Nov 2015 19:49


28 Nov 2015 01:28

What make some men marry two wife.....?

28 Nov 2015 01:36

Mmmmm, marriage. Is all about understanding, I it will be division of labor

28 Nov 2015 09:08

Is Because They Don,t Know Their Right.

28 Nov 2015 10:37

The situation of living today needs co-operation between the man and his wife as to move the family forward because many men have no is adviseable for spinsters to learn something profitable becus no man wud like to marry liability so that when one side close the other can carry on till things go well again.No sane man wud leave his responsibilities for his wife when he has enough except sumtin is wrong wit him.As a wife when your husband has no job,you hav to help the house bcus the children belong to both of you.Yes,sum men are irresponsible they don't care whether the children hav eaten,gone to school or clothes themselves,theirs is to drink and play gamble.sum women too, are irresponsible bcus they too wud leave their children to suffer and they belong to dozens of clubs where buying of expensive clothes & going from one party to the other is their weekend mandate, according to them,since the father has abandoned his responsibility,they too will not help not considering that the children belong to both of them. Husband and wife shud join hands and share the family's responsibilities.

28 Nov 2015 12:52


28 Nov 2015 13:04

Which bed am gonna sleep 2nite cuse u told d other one i was ur broda child n d other i was sister child everytime dey cum into d home am gonna change my name @AGMS i luv ur post

28 Nov 2015 13:54

Quote by Vicky198629
dat s y they ask wat u do f alivin may God help us

God will help us all, Amen

28 Nov 2015 14:04


28 Nov 2015 21:44

no man or woman is foolish bt dis issue happen in most home bcos there ar weak men or weak women n there ar some women whom ar dominion in every thing.D truth is in a home dey ar surpose to b one bcos God created them man n a woman n join them together as one so no division of labour in a home.dey ar nt two bt one n love cover every thing.husb n wife should contribut in every thing at home n nt b selfish.

29 Nov 2015 01:01