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24 Nov 2015 18:00

I got married to a mauritanian girl nd i brought her to nigeria nd left her after 1yr nd 6months nd traveled out of the country nd left her with my mum for 4yrs nd 4months,b4 living she was pregnant nd she had a son for me,but bfor my return she got pregnant for another guy,she had two kids for dat same man nd the man now beats her alot,nd now she wants us to come back or i should take her back to her country,but she had a luvly son for me,pls frnds what should i do bcos i am now married to a luving woman dat luvs my first son so much.

25 Nov 2015 09:27

D answer lies in the question it's either u take her back to her country or u forget about her for good she has no place in ur life anymore despite been ur baby mama

25 Nov 2015 10:25

Well,my dear,your statement shows that the time you people been together was far shorter than the time that you left her.Leaving a foreigner in your country for such a long time leaves much to be desired.All the while you were away,were you communicating with both your mother and herself? Did you know if there was a financial crisis between herself and your mother?Have you been sending money for their up-keep?As a female and the sametime a foreigner,leaving her without communication and financial up-keep is enough to change her mind about you.Did you tell her where exactly you were going,what you were going to do,and how long you were going to stay?What was her occupation before you married her?When you returned and saw things in this way,did you go to tell her people? Or the marriage was not a legal one? The best thing for you to do now,is to take her back to her country to her family since you have married another woman who loves your son.

25 Nov 2015 11:14
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25 Nov 2015 11:18

PLEASE, do as u ar Tld. Tke her bak 2 her conutry 2 her parent let dem knw dt she nt ur WIFE any more, but if I wnt 2 folow SPIRITURALY she is ur wife no mater all said and don. But pls free ur slf diz's all I can say tank u.

25 Nov 2015 11:26

guy,u hv to take her back to her country bcoz she has no relatives or family here in nigeria

25 Nov 2015 11:42

My brother u are big fool,u know why if u love the woman u won't have gotten married to another woman,what do expect the woman to do wen u left her for 4 good years since u ur self could not hold urself and got married to another woman.

25 Nov 2015 11:55

Pls let her b d past and history to ur life,but do her a favour by sending her back

25 Nov 2015 12:10

My marriage with her is legal nd i called her dad to inform him,yes while i was away i do call her nd send some money.

25 Nov 2015 12:16

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25 Nov 2015 12:21

Dont talk like dat,i got married 2yrs after she left me.i came back 4months after she left,nd i told her i was cuming.

25 Nov 2015 13:04

Well,my dear KIZOZO,l quite sympathize with you.pls take it as a bad experience and history.l just got the fact from you now.It could be that she was deceived into doing that which she did but it is too late.The remedy is to take her back to her parents because you brought her down here.Should anything happens to her,you would be held liable by the law. It seems to me that you still love her and also it seems she is pleading to you to forgive her and take her back.she may even commit suicide if her sufferings continue.lf you think that you have the money to manage two wives then,you should do your wish. You have to becareful as not to cause a major matrimonial crisis.manage the situation well,man,may God help you,amen.

25 Nov 2015 13:40

Forget abt her, u are marry another wife ok

25 Nov 2015 14:13

brother u made a mistake 4 leaving her 2 long,u forget dat out of sight is out of mind,am people of dis day has lost conscience,am pleading in d name of god,send her back 2 her people tell dem d truth,so dat dey should know u arn not wit dia daughter any more,and 4 child do love and care of him cos his ur blood,and when his matured enough,take d risk by telling him everything but d truth,and if he likes 2 go and see his mum dont hesistate 2 do so,u hav learnt ur lesson,god wil bless u if u do so...

25 Nov 2015 14:40

brother u made a very big mistake 4 leaving her 2 long,u forgot dat out of sight is out of mind people believes dis days,and men hav lost conscience,am pleading in d name of god 2 send her back 2 her people and explain everything 2 dem but d truth,and dey wil know u are not wit dia daughter,and please take care of d child a love him verymuch,pls u and ur present wife should not punish him cos of what his mother did,cos god wil not b happy wit u,d bible say we wil not be punished 4 d since of of fathers,it says dat everyone wii b judged according 2 his deed,and when he is matured enough explain everything 2 him but d truth,and if he likes 2 go and see his mum dont hesistate 2 do so,and jehovah wil bless u...

25 Nov 2015 14:43

Pls dear my advice 2 u is 2 take her bak 2 her country 2 her pple dat ll b beta 4 both of u ok

25 Nov 2015 15:03

You can not decide on that my brother, she has that decision,don't forget that she has 2kids for another person,which shows that she is having someone close to her than you,coz the 2 kids she has foe the other man are than your child,except you want the children to suffer,let her decide,tell her off that you have a lovely patient wife that love you and still love her son,and advice her as your sister on how to be patient in relationship,tell her to learn from her mistake and tell her to endure whatever she is facing in her new husband's house,as nothing last forever,she should think about her children and endure,I don't want us to blame anybody but let us always check our conscience are we justify,just like what AGMS said,check yourself and let your conscience be free,weather you caused her to do that,just because you ignore for so long,or she is just been a wayward woman,you know better.

25 Nov 2015 15:08

If she had 2kids for another person, she had already left you, then she is no longer your business whether her lover beats her or not, the way you yourself sound is as if you are still interested in her again, let me be frank with you, allowing her issue into your head will course you a big damage between you and your present wife and you will end up having nothing including your wife, to avoid the problem to come, you had better avoid her for good.

25 Nov 2015 15:48

Abeg help her out discuss it with her know her mind b4 sending her to her place to avoid problem btw u and the other man. Anyway send back to her place bcos na u brought her here.

25 Nov 2015 16:05

Pls, help her by sending her back