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24 Nov 2015 05:28

God is speaking to you and He says:

I know what that medical report has said, it has confined you to the depth of hopelessness and despair, preparing you to stew in your own helplessness

I know what your Bank Account Officer said to you the last time you made a withdrawal, he told you that you have reached the maximum limit of withdrawal unless you want to close the account the next time you come to withdraw

I know what the economy of your Country is saying to you, that in the next couple of months, it shall go into a depression, this has got you worried beyond your usual boisterous person

But you need to hear this

I am the Lord that healeth thee and I am raising my Right Hand of Healing and Justice to declare you free from any form of ailment

There are many things that money cannot buy and I give them to you for free; look unto Me for your utmost satisfaction.

The economies of the world and that of individuals are in My Able Hands and even though nations decrease but you shall INCREASE, while the economies of the Countries of the world go into depression, your personal economy shall remain buoyant .

The Lord has spoken

Did someone hear??

Remain blessed

Dr. Jerry - the First: JP

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24 Nov 2015 17:04

Thank u Lord

24 Nov 2015 17:19

Thanks u jesus

24 Nov 2015 22:47

2 God b al d glory,honor & adoration.... 10k u LORD

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