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23 Nov 2015 22:30

Is it good to settle down wit a girl dat keeps spoiling food ( wasting money) and demanding too much from de guy?

24 Nov 2015 10:53


24 Nov 2015 11:43 depend on u

24 Nov 2015 11:49

24 Nov 2015 15:18


24 Nov 2015 17:08

It depends...

24 Nov 2015 18:02

Be economics

24 Nov 2015 18:31

You be Mr Money in the Bank

24 Nov 2015 18:37

Dat means she dosen't luv u

24 Nov 2015 19:04

lols no try that one.

24 Nov 2015 19:11

Quote by Mirandamini
lols no try that one.

Hi babie.. I know you are not such type of a girl

24 Nov 2015 22:41

She wnt send u back 2 ur village empty handed b dat o

24 Nov 2015 23:55

Capital Letter NO.

25 Nov 2015 00:21

NO, a man can never succeed with such a girl, even if u r rich she will be d one 2 run u down, i beg run away 4 such girl.

25 Nov 2015 05:54


25 Nov 2015 10:33

dat girl need to be warn

25 Nov 2015 11:03

I can't condemn her for you,it's ur choice bt choose wisely

25 Nov 2015 12:57

Abi. If he lik d@ kind tin,if his wishes is 2 agree wt her,den he wl spend

25 Nov 2015 14:03

Guy, it depends on what u saw in her at the first place, how demanding u think she is. Because a guy that cannot afford to upgrade her girl in look and otherwise may assume her to be demanding when she mistaking asks for a favour. She spoils food, why not tell her to her face and see if she will keep doing that. Talking of food, what is she doing in ur house when she isn't yet married to u? Hope she is not also cooking the other one? I pray u are not trying to dump her after chopping everything. Are u even sure u love her?

25 Nov 2015 14:06

u have to study such a girl first,give her time to coret her sef