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23 Nov 2015 01:43

Why is it that parents do disassociate either their son or daughter to marry his choice in religious or his religion really matter in marriage?

23 Nov 2015 11:15

Yes my dear; religion realy matters alot in marriage.

23 Nov 2015 11:30

For me it doesn't matter, if you love each other you can get married no matter what

23 Nov 2015 11:44

It's really matter cos it can separation in d family especially on their son. I may wish my son to be attending mosque while my wife may wish church also so dis can lead to inter religious.

23 Nov 2015 12:01

@Henflakes n Abdlazeez i kw d both of u r musilim buth let me ask u one quetion u want to tell dt wen u c sumone u luv n like to get marred with becus of he/she religion u will nt get marred to him/her??

23 Nov 2015 12:20

@ Emma,permit me to say No and while I am a christian family and I am going to say something that many don't want to hear: human love cannot overcome everything. The dictum, love conquers all, is not true because human love is flawed. Only God's love conquers all, not human love which at times can be blinded by a person's self-centered desires interpreted as love. That's why true love can only thrive when both man and woman share a common religious belief. Christians thrive with Christians, and other religious faith people thrive with their own faith traditions.

23 Nov 2015 15:21

religion matters a lot

23 Nov 2015 17:09
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23 Nov 2015 17:19

Hmm is ur chics as 4 true luv conker all both religion, family e.t.c

23 Nov 2015 17:25

Morover u hv nt gving me any ans to my quetion@Hen

23 Nov 2015 18:08

Guys I dn't tink that religion really matter in marriage y,becos does that are 4rm christain home and also married 4rm christain family yet there end up breaking up so religion does not matters in marriage.

23 Nov 2015 18:52

If d guy like it it will do it people like me I like it

23 Nov 2015 19:06

Y IS it that guys make the decisioN

23 Nov 2015 19:22

@ emma, I wanted to but I can't u very well on dat question?

23 Nov 2015 19:50

hello friends

23 Nov 2015 21:29


23 Nov 2015 21:32

I like this topic

23 Nov 2015 22:00

Quote by Henflakes
@ emma, I wanted to but I can't u very well on dat question?
so u jst post novel 4 me to be craking my brain well i dont need to ask y cuse ur post hv gving me d ans i needed tnx

23 Nov 2015 22:11

I choose d topic over head and I need more light on dat. Thanks friend for ur contribution.

24 Nov 2015 09:13

Church close