Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Does Soul Mate Really Exist?
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22 Nov 2015 00:06

The definition of soul mate solely depend on your own perspective but for sure, one thing remains clear
and it is true of soul mate.

This is the emotional connection between two parties be it a man and a woman or two friends regardless of their gender. Yea!

Soul mate is believed by its folks to be a perfect sign of being together, maintaining a good relationship and making each others lives better as if the enzymatic reaction of the lock and key hypothesis is at work here, as if the scope of keeping the relationship going lies in the very pattern of a key fitting into the lock so that only one key can open the lock. Hmm! Well, sounds logical to some extent and offer us the understanding of the way people blend together to fit themselves as perfect match and sometimes make each other better but what if there is a master key or a key that plays the role of a inhibitor? Laughing out loud! This claim is true of only perfect relationship though but to me, it is somewhat crude to let it control our social life in the social world. It is ok to think or ruminate on the concept of soul mate but not always good to let our thinking or interpersonal relationships depend so much on it to such an extent that it begins to jeopardize it. It is for this reason this very concept can be called to question. Have you ever heard when a guy says ' I love her, she is the one God has sent to me. My angel'. Well, maybe it is true but this same sentence is what the same guy will pronounce if he meets or begin to date another girl when the previous relationship didn't work for him. Dear guys wake up from religion dogmatism and intellectual slumber! Be a smart genius in decision making. For how long should we continue to live by the dictates of the rigid principles that are not even found in the scriptures be it the Holy Bible? I am not sure of the Qur'an and others anyway.
A soul mate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. [ 1 ]This may involve similarity, love, romance, friendship, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, or compatibility and trust. [ 2 ]
I had been plagued so many times by the detriments of believing soul mate is a very true concept that exist for me to believe as if it is supernatural or God-given. To me, the idea of soul mate is not God-given. We furnished it for ourselves. It is the programing of the brain to rationalize and be logical on whatever we believe and expect to happen or whatever we dwell on. Sure! I stopped this obsession the very first time it appeared to me I've been a fool to have been led astray by girls. Not even by girls alone but to let them re-wire my brain into thinking that God has designed them for me. This is what I think when a future is promising on the part of a girl but I don't know what you have been thinking. That's just me. This is where the havoc comes in that if a guy is not careful enough, he would be indolent and so reluctant to achieve meaningful goals to set in the journey for his future. It now appears that the idea of soul mate is intellectually and emotionally cajoling. A tendency to lead singles astray. It can make stronger the union between couples only when the couples both believe in it. In this regard, it tends to curtail marital infidelity, then the couples can now boldly say they are meant for each other. Not the other way round. Soul mate exist only where love is found, not the other way round. It is OK for couples and in part, dates that have achieved or have the concrete prospects to achieve a better futuristic goals that define their relationship in such a way to make it worthwhile. Concrete prospects I say, not abstract prospects. Guys please, girls are not angels. They are humans.. Follow this topic @

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