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16 Nov 2015 02:04

If you and you wife or you and your husband are working in the same company and 1 of you are advice to resign cos they can't have both husband and wife, Are you going to resign or your spouse?

16 Nov 2015 15:11

my spouse wil

16 Nov 2015 17:31

Na dis one dey cuse family problem o if i tell to n she say no wt will hupn n me no ready to resign...chii luv without moni is luvlese

16 Nov 2015 17:35

I will resign 4 my spouse to do d work cos he's d head of d home

16 Nov 2015 17:39


16 Nov 2015 17:48

Quote by Cherry164
I will resign 4 my spouse to do d work cos he's d head of d home

16 Nov 2015 17:49

R u sure@cherry164

16 Nov 2015 18:37

Emma1919"as long as there's mutual understanding why won't I be sub missive nd wit his salary I can still start a good trade out of it

16 Nov 2015 18:43


16 Nov 2015 21:40

Is me of course that will resign because my spouse is working for my good.

17 Nov 2015 01:45

my wife will resign in order 4 me to take her responsibility

17 Nov 2015 02:57

This question does not require one's opinion but the truth and what the right option should be.We are Africans and we should behave as such.The woman should resign and let the bread winner continue or both of them should resign.I don't know if the boss has an ulterior motive in order to date my wife.As an African,you can't resign for your wife,except,she is the one who married you and controls you.

17 Nov 2015 05:45

My Wife Will Resign Cos I Wiii Stil Remain D Bread Winner.

17 Nov 2015 06:39

For d sake of lov i hav for him i ll resige

17 Nov 2015 16:44

i wil resign for my husband

18 Nov 2015 10:33

we will debate on that

18 Nov 2015 11:33

It's good 2 know that we still have ladies who are submissive to their husband.. u all have said well but it ain't easy sha.

18 Nov 2015 12:15

D head will still b d head, That's 2 say my hubby got 2 stay but if he said I should no prob.

18 Nov 2015 12:18

Am going to resing

18 Nov 2015 12:25

Pls dont trade Ursev 4 endurance not love so dat it will not leads 2 (ìka àbámò) dear patience n wait 4 God choose dat will value Ur potential n elevate Ur visions n mkes Ur destiny accomplish....