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15 Nov 2015 16:29

Education is the bedrock of any nation's development and teaching is a vehicle that guides necessary growth in others. Education can only be said to be fully attained when the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domain of a child's intellect is fully developed and put into proper use.

Cognitive aspects of education deals with an individual thoughts life,his reasoning, his logicality in presenting facts. Psychomotor involves the use of his body parts, the hands and other physical features in getting things done. Affective deals largely with the heart, an individual's feelings, his emotions. Affective aspect of human is undoubtedly where the issues of life flows from.

Of the four distinct language skills;listening,reading, speaking and writing, oftentimes, speaking and writing are neglected. A child is taught to listen to instructions and adhere to it, to read books but then the other two language skills are left to fate for it development. This is possibly one of the root cause of lack of creativity in our present day generation. When we learn to write and speak out our feelings, our creativity, talents and potential is brought to the shores.

One way to develop a child's latent skill is through poem. Poem is the purgation of emotions. It is having to write in lines and stanzas your feelings about whatever subject. Poem writing is an indispensable skill in grooming a child as it develops the child's creativity, expression of him or herself and the child's writing skill.

According to Prof. Bayo Lawal, "Writing can be nature or nurtured". This implies that some kids are born with an innate ability to write, in them is the natural talents and skills to express themselves while others learn the art. Statistically, about 75%of kids fall into the latter. Hence, just few kids who are naturally gifted express themselves while the majority devour it entirety. That leaves us with a question. Do we leave the situation that way? Do we groom up other kids in the art of writing? The first unfortunately hasn't been helping our educational system so far in the development of a whole man, thus we are left with no option than to nurture our kids in the productive language skills.

Poetry is the most interesting and easiest genres of literature. Educative and entertaining in nature. Poem writing is easy in that it isn't guided by laid down dogmas or principles of syntactic combination. Thus, a poet has what is called " poetic license "to use words as he so pleases. Williams Wordsworth referred to poetry as " spontaneous flow of emotions ", thus,penning down such feelings isn't streamlined by concord and lexical combinations.

Grooming up a child to learn to write and becoming a poet start from the classroom. Language instructors should emphasize on the student putting their imaginations to work. All poem are borne as an idea. The idea at first may not make any sense any sense, they shouldn't however be swept underfoot. If a child is taught and encourage to think deeply, poetry to such child becomes an art. When the idea comes,let them write it down. No flow of thought should be discarded. Thus,it is important to always have a writing material close by. Often, when am traveling, I have had to write thoughts that flows in my mind in my phone draft message.

Language instructors should encourage the child and not discard any of their thought or idea away as to simple or archaic. Simplicity of a poem is in the diction and not in the meaning. Encourage them on how to achieve the poetic standard they so desire and follow up their writing.
Yemi Akinfenwa's My Parents below is a typical example of a simple diction poems but varying interpretation if it is to be analyzed.
My Parents
I love my dad,I love my mom
Both of them are my parents
Both of them are one couple
Daddy cares, mummy cares

Each plays a role to make me great
The love between them is very great
Both of them combines and love me

Who am I not to love them?
I love my dad , I love my mom
I love my parents, God bless them.

The poem above is a poem of gratitude and love from a child's who has witness the undying love of his parents on him. Though simple in it lexical combinations, it wouldn't be surprising to have so much an analysis on it.

All things being equal, kids should be taught to read,listen,speak and write. That alone would unleash their talents
Olusona T. E

17 Nov 2015 10:25

Wow,, what a marvelous write up, keep it up.