Nigerian forum: Jokes - Coackroach in the Food!!!
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25 Apr 2014 08:39

Akpos: Daddy, Daddy
Papa: Will you shut up?
Akpos: But daddy..
[He gave akpos a tight slap]
Papa: How many times have i
told you not to talk while
eating? Eat
your food and you'll tell me
[After food]
Papa: Tell me what you
wanted to
say now
Akpos: Forget it daddy
Papa: Will you tell me before I
bounce on you again.
Akpos: But you've eaten it
Papa: Eaten what?
Akpos: I saw a cockroach,not lobster in
food, that was what i wanted
to tell you.
If you are akpos father what
will you do? & Who's at fault?

25 Sep 2014 15:24

sori 2 akpos

26 Sep 2014 12:33

take care

26 Sep 2014 22:36

akpos die well

26 Oct 2016 16:33

I Wil Beat Hell 4 Him Body

16 Jun 2017 10:38

I will train her in the way it should go when she is old she will not depart from it.