Nigerian forum: Jokes - TACTICAL AKPOS!! BRAINY AKpos
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25 Apr 2014 08:08

Weekend Phone Call;
Girl: Hi sweety!
Akpos: Hi Angel where are
Girl: Just home watching
Akpos: Let me come and chill
with you.
Girl: Brilliant idea! By the way
please bring me take away
and a big
Akpos: Junk food, big coke?
Angel that food is not good
for your health, you know i
don't want you to get sick.
Girl: Okay, just get me only a
Akpos: Youuu remember i told
you to avoid stuff with too
much sugar, it will spoil your
Girl: Gosh! Now what will i eat,
pass by the
butcher and get half liver, we
shall just
cook that.
Akpos: What? Angel, haven't
you been
checking news, never trust
any meat, you may end up
feeding on dog liver.
Akpos: Eeeeh! Okay just bring
me garri
and groundnut of 40 Naira.
Akpos; Woow! That's my
Angel! I am
coming with it right now!.
One word for Akpos!!

25 Sep 2014 14:18

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