Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - WHO IS THE DEAREST ONE TO YOU ON EARTH?
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14 Nov 2015 02:54

Assuming that the world just comes to an end and an angel opens the heaven gate said to every one,'take your dearest one very fast and walk into the heaven.just only one'. Who would you take along amongst your only belove daughter,your belove wife,your lovely father and mother?

19 Nov 2015 10:26

my lovely sweetheart

19 Nov 2015 10:45

I am still thinking bcus it is dificut 4 me to pick one 4 now.

20 Nov 2015 01:27

My lovely daughter because no marriage in heaven, although l feel for my lovely wife but contract ended. In my custom,wife is another person's child and so not my personal property. My daughter is my bonafide property being my own blood.