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25 Apr 2014 08:01

The President of Nigeria, his
Deputy, Mr Akpos and a
former Miss World, Agbani
Darego were travelling in a
The train suddenly goes
through a tunnel and it got
completely dark. Suddenly
there was a kissing sound
and then a slap! The train
came out of the tunnel. The
deputy and Akpos were
sitting down looking
perplexed. The President was
bent over holding his face,
which was red from an
apparent slap. All of them
remained diplomatic and
nobody said anything.
The Deputy was thinking;
"These men are all crazily after
Agbani Darego. The President
must have tried to kiss her in
the tunnel. Very proper that
she slapped him."
Agbani Darego was thinking:
"The President must have
moved to kiss me, and kissed
Akpos instead and got
The President was thinking;
"Damn it, Akpos must have
tried to kiss Agbani Darego
and she thought it was me
and slapped me."
Akpos was thinking; "If this
train goes through another
tunnel, I would make another
kissing sound and slap the
President again."

17 Aug 2015 13:10