Nigerian forum: Properties - The best and the worst location to live in Nigeria
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13 Nov 2015 23:35

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We have just launched 2 new interesting posts on our blog:

The Top Safest Cities in Nigeria to Live in and

Top real estate locations to avoid

Here are are sharing our insights about Lagos, Abuja and other locations. Please read and provide your insights in comments. Help real estate buyers to choose properties in really safe locations.

14 Nov 2015 07:49

14 Nov 2015 13:29

lagos state is the best place to live so also is the worst place to live in Nigeria

14 Nov 2015 18:18

Abuja is a safe location,festrus or kamtampe estate and many more along kubwa express way

14 Nov 2015 18:21

It a lie, stop say dat.?

14 Nov 2015 18:26

Lagos is morethan some town in nigeria here but i dont need to mention them.?

14 Nov 2015 22:20

I prefer abuja to lagos, the stress in lagos can kill smone silently, i almost lost my life before move out of lagos.

14 Nov 2015 22:38

lagos state is the best state and also the worst place to livw

15 Nov 2015 12:43

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15 Nov 2015 14:58


15 Nov 2015 16:09


15 Nov 2015 21:48

Quote by Jossy-pop-g
Lagos is morethan some town in nigeria here but i dont need to mention them.?

Mention some... We can't sue you 4 Dat

15 Nov 2015 23:04

Abuja is d best

15 Nov 2015 23:18

I love abuja more than any other place in Nigeria bcs is a nice place to b

15 Nov 2015 23:59

It anambra nd enugu

2 Dec 2015 00:08

Thanks !!!

2 Dec 2015 00:21

Yes, is truth

2 Dec 2015 20:01

i think is boring but secure..nothing happens there much

4 Dec 2015 18:04

Lagos is the best place

5 Dec 2015 12:48