Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - WHAT HAPPENS WHEN LOVE DIES?
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13 Nov 2015 21:30

What happens when love dies. When that man/woman you used to love, you no longer love. When you “suddenly” don’t
love that person. When all you do is maybe care for that person but LOVE?
Heck no. The feeling is no longer there. Maybe you start to snap at the person. Seeing him/her starts to at times irritate you. Other things start to take the place of that loved one. What do you do?

16 Nov 2015 23:09

When love die two thing happen, either they embam it or lay 2 final rest.

18 Nov 2015 11:35


18 Nov 2015 11:37

to me i wil still greet you

18 Nov 2015 12:02

Quote by Kennyolons

hmnnnn!!!! as in What, express urself.

18 Nov 2015 12:03

Mistakes begins arise hatred begins with sort of complains. The love will fade... Pls I urge U dont forces into loving someone who dont deserve Ur love...

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18 Nov 2015 15:34

Ask her the problem

18 Nov 2015 15:41

Quote by estherokorie
Ask her the problem

@esther, why her and not him...

19 Nov 2015 09:33

a very hard time to face