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12 Nov 2015 17:59

why is it that all mobofree guys are always talking about love?

13 Nov 2015 09:08

I dnt knw bt me if i dnt love parson i we nt say i love her bcos i dnt knw hw to lie for girls

13 Nov 2015 10:51

That is Gud to hear

13 Nov 2015 10:52

I don't blame them***************** Love is a principle thing

13 Nov 2015 14:38

No only guyz dey think am wt of d gulz abi u no dey think am talk true no lie GOD DEY C U OO@avwevudiovo

13 Nov 2015 16:41

What makes the world go round ; Me say LOVE some money dem ah crown....

13 Nov 2015 17:32

Our God Himself is a Love, why won't we too love girls, we can't do without them and them too can't do without guys is 50/50

13 Nov 2015 22:28

Dnt you people knw that one word free us all,frm the weight and pain of life,that word is is always a little silly things,it creat a magic through the eye.