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25 Apr 2014 00:26

Pastor: As it is written in the bible
Akpors: As dem yan 4 bible
Pastor: Jesus entered the boat with his
Akpors: Bros J cum enta canoe with im
padi dem!
Pastor : As the boat was sailing, there was
a great storm!
Akpors: As the canoe dey move na im yawa
cum gas!
Pastor: The storm got so great that it was
like a whirlwind!
Akpors: As the yawa dey gas na im kasala
burst join!
Pastor: The disciples became so afraid and
they shouted Master! Master!
Akpors: Na im liver fail im padi dem, na im
dem begin dey hala Bros eh! Bros eh!.
Pastor: Jesus got up and calmed the wind!
Akpors: Na so bros J get up kon arrange
the mata!
Pastor: He turned to his disciples and said
oh ye with little faith!
Akpors: Na im bros J luk im padi dem
shake im head kon provoke “O BOI! Una
fall ma hand oo!
Pastor: The disciples replied and said what
MANNER of man is this?
Akpors:. Im padi dem kon hala. “SHOO”
bros J which level nan! U BE WINSH?
What do you think of Akpors this time, e
try or e no try? Comment, like and share
with friends!

25 Apr 2014 15:21

E try

12 Jun 2014 19:42

E try. Well well

6 Jul 2014 09:33

He try small

13 Jul 2014 23:19

He try

17 Jul 2014 00:08


17 Jul 2014 16:43

abeg him try!

18 Jul 2014 18:08

Im try no b smal

20 Jul 2014 15:38

Im no easy o,nna work akpors do

23 Jul 2014 20:45

He really tried