Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - "Has the water entered your ship"
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10 Nov 2015 07:50

There are many of us who are
so engrossed in our
professional material life that
we neglect our family, health,
social and most important
spiritual responsibilities.
If asked why we do this, we
would reply that "We are doing
it for our family".
Yet, our kids are sleeping when
we leave home. They are
sleeping when we come back
home!! Twenty years later, we’ll
turn back, and they’ll all be gone,
to pursue their own dreams and
their own lives.
Without water, a ship cannot
move. The ship needs water, but
if the water gets into the ship,
the ship will face existential
What was once a means of
living for the ship will now
become a means of destruction.
Similarly we live in a time where
earning is a necessity but let not
the earning enter our hearts, for
what was once a means of
living will surely become a
means of destruction for us as
So take a moment and ask
yourself... "Has the water
entered my ship?"

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10 Nov 2015 18:13

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11 Nov 2015 00:01

Gud one

11 Nov 2015 00:26

Food for thought.

11 Nov 2015 22:01

Nice one

12 Nov 2015 00:37

What A Paradox, Has D Water Enter My Ship..? In Addition 2 D Saying What Was Once A Means Of Living Wil Only Bcome A Means Of Destruction *If N Only If* U Dont Apply Wisdom And Above Al If U Dont Involve God. I Submit.

12 Nov 2015 10:47

Good advice